Yearly Membership $20.00, outside USA $30.00
Family (Husband & Wife) at same address $25.00

Special one year research membership $100.00

You may have research done by one of the volunteers as long as the material is in the Keo-Mah Library.  Courthouse research would be extra. In other words you have all the benefits of a yearly membership plus having research done that you are unable to do for yourself.  If you have a lot of surnames to be searched this may save you money rather than pay the retainer fee in the amount of $30.00, which includes the copies, for about two hours of research and bill for the balance.

Life Membership $200.00 over age 55 single

Life Membership $400.00 under age 55 single

Membership Fees include quarterly newsletters and free queries

Meetings are held in the Genealogy Library at 209 A Ave E, Oskaloosa, IA, the last Friday each month at 1:00 PM.

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